Effects of 150 − 1000 eV Electron Impacts on Pure Carbon Monoxide Ices using the Interstellar Energetic-Process System (IEPS)

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Pure CO ice has been irradiated with electrons of energy in the range 150 − 1000 eV with the Interstellar Energetic-Process System (IEPS). The main products of irradiation are carbon chains Cn (n=3,5,6,8,9,10,11,12),suboxides,CnO(n=2,3,4,5,6,7),andCnO2 (n=1,3,4,5,7) species. CO2 is by far the most abundant reaction product in all the experiments. The destruction cross-section of CO peaks at […]

X‐ray versus Ultraviolet Irradiation of Astrophysical Ice Analogs Leading to Formation of Complex Organic Molecules

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In astrochemistry, complex organic molecules (COMs) are defined as species with at least one C atom and six or more atoms in total. More than 70 COMs were detected toward various interstellar and circumstellar regions. With the exception of methanol, CH3OH, these COMs were only detected in the gas phase. But their sole existence challenges the scheme of gas-phase reactions and […]

Synthesis of Complex Organic Molecules in Soft X-ray Irradiated Ices

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We study the chemical evolution of H2O:CO:NH3 ice mixtures irradiated with soft X-rays, in the range 250−1250 eV. We identify many nitrogen-bearing molecules such as e.g., OCN−, NH+4 , HNCO, CH3CN, HCONH2, and NH2COCONH2. Several infrared features are compatible with glycine or its isomers. During the irradiation, we detected through mass spectroscopy many species desorbing […]