The Intriguing Behavior of Ultraviolet Photodesorption and Color Temperature of Astrophysical CO Ice Analogs: A Possible Indication of Molecular Disorder

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Ejection of molecules from ice-covered dust exposed to ultraviolet photons, known as photodesorption, is summoned to account for gas abundances in cold regions. Carbon monoxide (CO) is the second most abundant ice component in interstellar clouds. Photon energy transfer between CO molecules can eventually excite molecules on the ice surface, allowing desorption. CO photodesorption drops […]

X-ray processing of a realistic ice mantle can explain the gas abundances in protoplanetary disks

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The Atacama Large Millimeter Array has allowed a detailed observation of molecules in protoplanetary disks, which can evolve toward solar systems like our own. While CO, H2CO are often abundant species in the cold zones of the disk, CH3CN are only found in a few regions, and more-complex organic molecules are not observed. We simulate, experimentally, […]